1) How can I register on JodiMubarak.com

Follow 7 easy steps of registration on JodiMubarak.com: 

1) From the homepage or Click here to open the Registration page
2) Fill out the required details, accespt the Terms and Conditions and hit Next.
3) Fill out all other important information in the next pages.
4) Add your photos
5) Upload your Government Photo ID 
6) Verify your mobile number
7) Verify your Email address

2) Do I need to provide ID Proof and other Verification details?

Yes, you need provide Government ID Proof in order to provide a safe and authentic access to our members. It is mandatory and your access
will not be approved.
Other verification details are Mobile No and Email address verification.
To authenticate your profile, please upload a scanned copy of the ID which will be advise once registered.

Note: No access without ID verification.

3) Do I have to pay to register on JodiMubarak.com?

Registration at JodiMubarak.com is FREE. Click here to 'Register'. 
If you wish to avail our premium membership benefits, like access to contact details, initiate chatting, etc, you will need purchase our 'Premium Memberships'.

4) Why I cannot see other profiles or contact details?

There are few reasons, 
1) You need to upload Profile Photo, Upload Photo ID, Verify your Mobile No, Verify your Email Address.
2) You need to check your membership plan

5) Privacy settings of the Photos?

We have provided 100% privacy for your photos. Photo privacy settings allow you to control who can see your photos.
To edit your photo privacy settings, Go to Profile -> Upload Photo -> Settings 
Here you can select one of the available option then click to "Save My Setting"

6) Display or Hide Phone number, Email address, Date of Birth, Profile, and other information?

Yes, you can display or hide and would advise to display only to Premium Members.
Click on your logo far right handside -> Select "My Privacy Setting -> Privacy Options.




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