1. Must Read Before Joining!

It is mandatory Email Verification, Photo-ID Verification and Complete your profile details and upload your Profile Photo.
Admin Use Only: It's mandatory to provide Government Photo ID proof for Verification Purpose.
Email us (admin@jodimubarak.com) or Upload your Photo ID to verify you as authentic user upon request made by our team. This is to ensure online safety guidelines.

For Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK, Singapore and other western countries:  Driver License, Passport Photo Page.
For India: PAN Card or India Passport Photo Page (Photo + Details). 
For Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and all other Countries: Passport Photo Page.
For Pakistan: NICOP (National Identity Card of Pakistan)

If we don't received the above details within a week of your account creation and before we approve your access, we will then close your account, even if you are a paid member. As we need to maintain all members privacy and keep their account secure.
Jodi Mubarak is an Online Muslims Matrimonial Portal and has No Agent, No Broker, No 3rd Party Mediator and No Branch, to act on behalf of the enlisted members.
Each profile you find on Jodi Mubarak is the resultant consequence of a process and procedure, which is expected to be adhered by our members with due diligence.
Jodi Mubarak does not engage in any matchmaking whatsoever company/agency/broker, Jodi Mubarak shall not be held responsible in any way for the character and integrity of a person whose profile is found on this site.
Jodi Mubarak makes no representations regarding the accuracy or significance of any detail of a person/member found on this portal, and is not responsible for any misdemeanor caused by any 3rd party.
Jodi Mubarak does not guarantee the accuracy of any profile’s background within the portals membership areas.

2. Is this site only for Muslims?

Yes, this site is exclusive for the Muslim Community - to search and find a match. By maintaining religious, traditional, cultural beliefs, their limitations & privacy. Soon, we may also developed a separate matrimonial portal, catering to other communities.

3. Aim of Jodi Mubarak

This platform is to help everyone to find a suitable matrimonial match for Self, Daughter, Son, Brother, Sister, Single, Married, Divorced, Separated and Widowed.

4. Is Registration Free?

Registrations at Jodi Mubarak is FREE for the duration of 1 year with limitations.
With FREE Membership Plan, you will not be provided any contacts of the selected profiles and you can communicate through internal chat messaging system.
Check our Membership Plans for further information.
Choose the Membership Plan according to your requirements.

5. Registration, Membership, Refund & Cancellation


To register as a member you need to click on “Register” at the top of the Home page, fill out all the required fields and Submit. Upon submission, you will receive an “Email Verification” link to your inbox. Click to verify and complete the remaining registration process.
Ensure to fill all the mandatory “fields and Upload photo”. Incomplete information or missing photo may delay your application process or we may not approve your membership and access.
It is mandatory to complete your profile details and upload your Profile Photo and email us (admin@jodimubarak.com) any form of your photo-identification/Photo ID such as Driver License/Adhar Card to verify you as authentic user upon request made by our team. This is to ensure online safety guidelines.
If we don’t received the above details within a week of your account creation and before we approve your access, we will then close your account, even if you are a paid member. As we need to maintain all members privacy and keep their account secure.


Jodi Mubarak is not a FREE Muslim Matrimonial Portal. Jodi Mubarak charges are very low, affordable and Fees are charged based on the appropriate Membership level - allowing access and all features either for UNLIMITED - NO TIME LIMITwith or without no fee or reasonable fee or for 3, 6 and 12 months respectively. Fee many change subject to currency conversion and value.
Jodi Mubarak charge membership subscription to maintain on-going cost and taxes but Jodi Mubarak does not charge any fee for Processing, Pre or Post-Settlement.
As Jodi Mubarak, aim to support community at the lowest cost but not to run as business. Once paid, the membership fee shall not be refunded under any circumstance whatsoever.


It is the members responsibility to decide and select appropriate membership level before joining and No Refund if change of mind. No refund of money will be allowed, but Paid Membership will be used towards renewal or extension of membership. If found to be incomplete profile and no response in-spite of reminders from Admin, then your Paid Membership account will be Disabled/Blocked without another notification.

Cancellation of Account:

Either Jodi Mubarak or you may cancel your Account at any time, for any reason or no reason.
Such cancellation will become effective upon notice to the other party, except that a cancellation by Jodi Mubarak due to your breach of this Agreement will become effective immediately, regardless of notice.
Upon the effective moment of cancellation of your Account, your privileges under this Agreement become null.

6. Strict Privacy for Members Profile

Jodi Mubarak are highly professional, understand, maintain & secure members information with utmost respect and strictly maintained the privacy of their members information (such as Personal details in profile, Email, Phone, Photo, Photo Identification, Etc) and We do not disclose or share your details with anyone outside (such as any 3rd party company).

7. Exchange of Information between Members

Members are able to commence discussion and exchange information between themselves (between members) via the secure Private Messaging platform or through their secure personal emails.
Jodi Mubarak makes no representations or hold any responsibility regarding the accuracy of information exchanged between members. Its members responsibility to exchange information and verification before finalizing the marriage settlement.
Jodi Mubarak is not a marriage broker firm nor a agent who act on your behalf during selection or settlement of marriage.

8. Agents, 3rd Parties & Branches

Jodi Mubarak is a Muslims Matrimonial Portal and has No Agent, No Broker, No 3rd Party Mediator and No Branch, to act on behalf of the enlisted members.
Any disagreement or dispute should be resolved among the concerned parties themselves.

9. Demographic Coverage

Jodi Mubarak's aim is to reach out as far as we can.
At the moment, we are focus in Hyderabad (India), Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Pakistan, Bangladesh and More...

10. Activation Process

Jodi Mubarak team will activate and approve your registration once we reviewed your Profile details, Photo, Photo ID Verification.
No access will be given till Photo ID Verification.

11. Mode of Payment

All Paid Membership are to be paid through secure "STRIPE" payment gateway in US Dollars.

12. Method of Communication & Breech

All FREE and Paid Members are allowed to communicate freely through our internal Chat Messaging system within your allocated number of message during your membership. We strongly advise all members that do not share or transfer any member information or contact details to others and this will be considered as breech of our policy. Once found, we will terminate your membership (either Free or Paid) with written notification via email and you will be blocked forever. The information is available on your Dashboard.

13. Boys & Girls Profiles Access

For girl profiles, we maintain utmost privacy on our website and registration with profile photo is must.
We do not publish any Male and Female member photo or details outside on the Homepage without being approved and member need to purchase additional listing package for Homepage display.
Otherwise, all our member profiles and details are available after registered login.

14. Can I View Profiles without Registration?

No. Without Registration and Admin approval, nobody can view any member profiles.

15. Privacy, Details with Approval

Jodi Mubarak maintain complete privacy and we do not disclose your Phone No, Email address and Residential address to anyone.
Only Paid Membership can access Email Address and Phone Numbers.

16. Processing Fee & Settlement Fee

Jodi Mubarak do not charge any Registration Fee, Processing Fee and Settlement Fee.

17. Photo Visibility Options

Jodi Mubarak encourage all members to upload profile photo and choose from one of three settings option while uploading photo.
1) Visibile to All
2) Hide for All
3) Visible only to Paid Memeber


18. How to Delete Profile once Marriage is settled?

You can delete your profile by login into your account, under "My Privacy Settings" --> Select "Delete Request" --> Edit.
Send request to Admin by entering your reason to delete and Save.
 Once admin received, will review and delete your profile.
We request you to write about your experience with Jodi Mubarak.  

19. Benefit of Registration?

Jodi Mubarak is a Muslim Matrimonial website help to find your ideal matches. Through our website, you may find 100s of eligible and prospective profiles to find your love one at the quickest possible time.
 This website have designed to provide user friendly features and view more detailed informations.    

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